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Topoi. Revista de História announces a call for dossier proposals to be published in the years 2025 and 2026. Confirm the details in the notice below.


Topoi. Revista de História (Qualis A1, ISSN 2237-101X), a periodical linked to the Postgraduate Program in Social History at UFRJ, opens, through this notice, the selection for the publication of two thematic dossiers to be published in our volumes 26 and 27, respectively in the years 2025 and 2026. Proposals may be submitted between December 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024, and must respect the journal’s editorial policy. Proposals must be sent between December 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024 to the journal’s email ( and comply with our editorial policy.

  1. Guidelines for submitting proposals:

1.1. Proposals must present closed dossiers, with a minimum of five and a maximum of eight articles.

1.2. The organizers must have a doctorate degree and be recognized experts on the topic of the dossier and come from different institutions, one of which is foreign. They will act as guest editors of the journal during the year when the dossier is being processed, actively participating in the editorial process. This includes selection of reviewers and evaluation of submissions in all their versions.

1.3. It is expected that the organizers will encourage the submission of reviews of works that have an impact on the dossier’s theme (considering item 3.6 of the guidelines below).

1.4. Each proposal must include: presentation of the dossier theme (1 page) and the coordinators; title, institutional affiliation of the author and abstract of each article. It is recommended that the preferred year be specified (2025 or 2026).

1.5. The articles proposed for the dossier must be original and unpublished, following the journal’s guidelines.

1.6. It should be noted that, despite the proposals being closed, the journal will accept independent articles for each dossier, which could increase the number of manuscripts evaluated and that make up the special issue.

1.7. Proposals for thematic dossiers may be submitted in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

1.8. Proposals will be evaluated by the journal’s editorial committee, taking into account the originality of the contribution to the topic and its degree of internationalization. It is expected that the proposals present a significant dialogue between Brazilian and foreign historiographies.

1.9. The organizers must submit a substantial article on the state of the art of the topic, highlighting the contributions of each approved article, as an introduction to the dossier.

  1. Schedule

2.1. Submission of proposals: from December 1, 2023 to March 1, 2024

2.2. Publication of selected proposals by email and on the journal’s website: March 31, 2024

2.3. Volume 25 (2025):

  • submission of articles by authors until December 31, 2024
  • submission of the organizers’ presentation article by April 30, 2025

2.4. Volume 26 (2026):

  • submission of articles by authors until December 31, 2025
  • submission of the organizers’ presentation article by April 30, 2026

2.5 Due to the strict deadlines for publication on the Scielo portal, the dates above cannot be negotiated.

  1. Editorial guidelines for dossier editors and authors:

3.1. Topoi. Revista de História is an open access journal, free for authors and readers.

3.2. All articles and reviews must be submitted through the ScholarOne system (

3.3. The contribution must be original and unpublished, and not be simultaneously under evaluation by another publication. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to investigate the occurrence of cases of double submission or (self)plagiarism of submitted manuscripts. If a text violates Topoi‘s ethical code, it will be automatically rejected, without the possibility of reconsideration.

3.4. Submitted texts must not contain any indication of authorship. Acknowledgments, funding information or self-reference can be inserted in the final editing stage.

3.5. Manuscripts must strictly follow the formatting instructions available on the journal’s website ( and on Scielo ( ).

3.6. Articles must contain between 40.000 and 60.000 characters with space, including footnotes with complete bibliographic references. Reviews must be written with 10.000 to 18.000 characters with space, of works that have been published, at most, two years ago in Brazil (or four years for international publications).

3.7. Manuscripts submitted to dossiers go through the same editorial process as free articles, being initially evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Committee. Suitability for the journal’s proposal and editorial standards, originality and general quality are considered. Articles may be rejected at this first stage of the process.

3.8. Articles approved in the first instance will be evaluated according to the double blind system by two or more reviewers, who may approve, reject or conditionally approve the text. In the latter case, authors must respond to reviewers’ suggestions before the manuscript is re-evaluated. The Editorial Committee will make the final decision.

3.9. Guest editors must pay special attention to the journal’s deadlines, ensuring the submission of articles included in the dossier proposal and the adequacy of their authors to the journal’s standards.

3.10. The organizers undertake to work together with the journal’s editorial committee, publishing their dossier and ensuring that deadlines are met.

3.11. The final decision on the viability of each dossier rests with the Topoi. Revista de História editorial committee.

Rio de Janeiro, November 2, 2023.

Silvia Liebel. Editor-in-chief of Topoi. Revista de História.